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The Good Doers About Us

Praise be to Allah who has guided us to the idea of establishing an Islamic Library.

Mission Statement

The Good Doer's Charity Library is an open access facility encouraging peace and understanding through the sharing of authentic Islamic knowledge, principles and community involvement, which encourage spiritual harmony.  

Our goals are:  

  • To establish and maintain a library and reading room.
  • To provide a center and suitable meeting place for certain activities of the community.
  • To facilitate the conveyance of the message of Islam.
  • To dedicate our time and efforts to make the teachings of Islam accessible to the public.
What are the benefits of having an Islamic Library?

The benefits of having Islamic Library include but not necessarily limited to: 

  • Where Quranic and Islamic studies for adults and children will be available in different levels to accommodate the needs of the Community.
  • Where educational and reference materials related to Islamic religion are readily available.
  • Where families can gather and participate in Islamic programs and discussions.
  • Where children can get together for story time and other kid's programs.
  • Where children and teenagers can be exposed to appropriate Islamic literature.
  • Where Brothers and Sisters can have separate sections of the library to explore authentic Islamic knowledge freely.
  • Where ESL programs and After- School programs can be offered
  • Where Non-Muslims who are seeking to learn and understand Islam can obtain the right information
  • Where New Muslims who arrive into our city can come for assistance and meet fellow brothers and sisters
  • Where the Islamic Library programs can help in providing Islamic reference to institutions and public libraries if there is need for such services.
The Good Doers Charity Library
14 Signature Close SW
Calgary AB, T3H 2V7