The Good Doers Charity Library Society would like to say

“Assalamu ‘Alaikum” to you and your Family.


Imam Muslim reported that the prophet (S.A.W.) said,

"I swear by the one whose hand my soul is in that you will not enter paradise until you believe. And you won’t be believed until you love one another. May I tell you something, that if you practice it you will love another, spread the (salam) Islamic greeting among you."








This craft is great for children ages 3+ and may be modified according to each child's age or level of ability.  InshaAllah this craft will help instill the teachings of our Prophet (SAW) of spreading salaams to one another.




· 2-3 pieces of Construction paper (different colors)

· Foamy Shapes

· Glitter Glue






· You will need two different pairs of hands for this craft.  We suggest you do this craft with other siblings, parents or friends.

· Print Assalamu ‘Alaikum on paper, cut and paste on paper.

· Trace and cut hand prints.

· Print your name and exchange with each other.

· Interlock exchanged hands and glue in center of paper.

· Decorate around the hands with foamy shapes and glitterglue.


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Assalamu 'Alaikum Materials DirectionsAssalamu 'Alaikum