Get on board with your child and help reconstruct Nuh's ark! Nuh's ark is a symbol of courage and obedience to Allah's (S.W.T) instructions. With this hands-on activity you and your child can talk about the importance of believing in Allah (S.W.T) regardless of what anyone thinks.





 Ark template (click)

 Brief Description (click)



 1 Piece of Black Construction Paper

 Sun, Cloud and Palm Tree Foamy Shapes*

 Foamy Shape Animals (3-4 pairs)*

e.g.. birds, monkeys, elephants...

 5-8 Cotton Balls



Color ark and glue in the center of the paper

Pull apart cotton balls and place at the top of scene.

Place foamy shapes and animals (pairs), in and around the ark.

Glue description of prophet Nuh (a.s) on the back of scene.


*Available at Michaels Craft Store

Prophet Nuh's Ark (a.s)
Aboard Ship Scene